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Graduate Profiles

The Professional Ringmen’s Institute was founded in 1996 with the goal of offering students a professional and hands-on training environment where they could learn the skills and effective communication techniques expected by professional auctioneers and other professional ringmen throughout the nation.  Today, more auction professionals recognize the value and contributions made by professional ringmen at every live auction than ever before. 

Additionally, a growing number of knowledgeable auctioneers, auction and project managers are requiring that every one of their ringmen or bid assistants train at the Professional Ringmen’s Institute and earn the coveted PRI designation to be considered for hiring for their upcoming auctions and for longevity within their auction organizations.  When those auctioneers or auction managers have also earned the PRI designation, they know what they can expect from a PRI graduate. 

At the Professional Ringmen’s Institute, we receive requests for knowledgeable ringmen from a growing number of auctioneers and auction managers on a national and international scale.  Our popular PRI graduate profile page provides the necessary information for an auctioneer, auction or project manager to select from participating PRI graduates who meet the qualifications they need for their upcoming live auctions.  We assist our PRI graduates with desired placement and many are currently serving as a ringman independently either on a part time or full time basis. 

To be included on our list of preferred PRI graduates, simply complete your profile as indicated and submit your application for approval.  Once approved, you’ll receive your PRI Elite Membership, lapel pin and you’ll also be included in the closed group of PRI Elite Ringmen.  We look forward to your participation! Congratulations!

Graduate Photo Gallery

San Jose, CA - January 2018

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