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Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is changing rapidly, with more Real Estate being sold at Public Auction today than ever before. Experts predict that this trend will continue to increase. Within a decade, it's believed that more Real Estate will be sold using the Auction method of marketing than by the conventional means of Real Estate marketing.

The Professional Ringman, also referred to correctly as a 'bid assistant,' is a very important  member of every professionally managed Real Estate Auction where their networking skills become extremely important.

At PRI, students learn what's involved in assisting their Auctioneer, the other Ringmen, their buyers and their seller when marketing Real Estate. Whether marketing a $40,000 fixer-upper, a $2.5 million estate, or working a multi parcel Auction, students learn the necessary skills required and expected when performing effectively as Professional Ringmen or bid assistants at every Real Estate Auction.

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