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Bid Calling Instructions

An auctioneer’s chant is unique to each individual. Similar to a snow flake . . . , no two are identical.

Unfortunately many aspiring auctioneers or . . . bid callers have failed to develop a true rhythmic auction chant and what is often delivered is nothing more than rapid repetition of the same word or two followed by an occasional number. What they have failed to remember is that if bidders can’t understand the chant or quickly tire of a so-called chant, they’ll likely choose not to participate.

Many times an auction chant can be improved considerably by simply adding, changing or deleting a word or two. Extensive filler in a chant is not necessary.  Establishing a distinct rhythm while selling is also important and much more pleasant for bidders to listen to.

Two-Time Champion Auctioneer, Brian Rigby will break the auction chant down into a simplified structure than can be easily adapted by even the most novice bid caller and improve the bid calling skills of many seasoned auction professionals.

Many bid callers have made the statement that they “learned more useful bid calling skills from Brian Rigby in 5 minutes, than they learned at any bid calling school they previously attended.”

From auto auctions to antiques, purebred livestock, benefits, and everything in between . . . , if you’re a bid caller . . . this will be a seminar you won’t want to miss!

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