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Benefits & Charities

The days of using 'volunteers' to serve as bidspotters for a Fundraising Auction are essentially over.  More knowledgeable auctioneers and Benefit Auction promoters are realizing that the contributions made by professional ringmen at any Charity Auction are much more valuable to their clients and their respective causes than a volunteer staff of bidspotters would ever provide.

Professional ringmen are trained on the importance of knowing and applying the "Who - What - Why - When - Where - and How's of serving as an effective member of their auction team at every Fundraising Event.

Nearly anyone can be shown how to serve as a 'bidspotter' in a matter of minutes.  But ask anyone who knows and they'll certainly tell you that there's a huge difference between a professional ringman and a bidspotter".

Bottom line?  If you're conducting any type of Fundraising Auction, you're not doing your cause justice if you don't use a team of Professional Ringmen.

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