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Auto Auctions

Auto Auction Performance & Safety Training

Even the busiest Auto Auction Ringmen can benefit from the 100 plus years of combined experience our PRI Instructors offer. The concepts taught at PRI are tested and proven each and every week. Every PRI Graduate will have the skills to create a safer environment while working and to improve the percentages sold at any Auto Auction.

Although many people are receiving checks for serving as an Auto Auction Ringman on a weekly basis, after experiencing the intensive hands-on training PRI instructors provide, candidates quickly learn that there's a lot more to effectively serving as an Auto Auction Ringman than they'd realized.


Today, more than ever before, the issue of SAFETY is of utmost importance in every lane at every auto auction. Professional Ringmen learn to become great multitaskers and part of their ongoing responsibility is assuring the safety of everyone, both buyers and sellers alike, in and around their respective lanes from the very first car in their lane to the very last one ... without exception!

"I learned techniques and skills at PRI that have consistently allowed me to create a safer environment for everyone in my lane and it's also helped me negotiate the sale of an additional 3 to 5 cars per auction every week. That generates an additional 150 to 250 commissions per year.

(DB, Missouri, Class of 1996)

Students are taught to work as a team with their auctioneers. Every student will undergo hours of intensive hands-on training which teaches many necessary areas of safety and the skills necessary to negotiate quickly and effectively the tough "borderline" sale that many times would have been sent out as unsold. Even 2 to 5 additional sales per week can amount to tens of thousands in new commissions for the auction owner. Additional commissions generated justifies compensation

AND employment!

Bottom Line: Weekly lane percentages reflect merely what was sold, not necessarily what could or should have been sold. There are hundreds of Auto Auctions that could be generating an additional $20,000 to $100,000 or more PER LANE, PER AUCTION, EVERY YEAR with the right training . . .

PRI Training!

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