What is ... PRI?

The Professional Ringmen’s Institute is the only Training Institute in the Nation dedicated totally to training and preparing individuals to serve the auction industry professionally and effectively as ringmen or bid assistants for their auction teams for ANY type of auction with ANY auctioneer.

Real Estate • Auto Auction Performance & Safety Training • Personal Property • Purebred Livestock Benefit & Charity Auctions • Heavy Equipment • Bid Calling Instruction • Live Simulcast Auctions

Aspiring Ringmen and Auctioneers will learn more in three days while training at PRI than they could learn in years without proper instruction and demand has never been greater for today's Professional Ringmen.

Upon successful completion of both a written and performance examination, all PRI Graduates will receive PRI Certification along with a current press release and applicable files for use of the popular PRI Certification and logo for business cards, web sites and promotional auction materials.

Disclaimer: If your auctioneer has never served as a Professional Ringman, we simply can’t guarantee your results. If they have never served as a Professional Ringman, how can they be expected to know how to Communicate with a Professional?


FACT : Almost ALL successful Auctioneers began their careers as Ringmen. Experienced Auctioneers will tell you that "a Good Ringman always makes a Better Auctioneer."

FACT : Auctioneer & Ringmen communication is fundamental & essential. We train Auctioneers & Ringmen to communicate effectively at every auction.

FACT : Many Auctions are only as successful as the ability of their Ringmen. A good Ringman can contribute as much to an Auction's ultimate success as the Auctioneer.


FACT : Demand has never been greater for Professional Ringmen. Many of your instructors work 4 to 6 auctions EVERY WEEK...or...whenever they want to!


FACT : Only the best, most successful Ringmen & Auctioneers are chosen for your Instructors. They are professionals with the experience, skills and instructional effectiveness to make this the most rewarding training opportunity of your auction career.



Brian Rigby


  • PRI Founder and Chairman

  • 2x Champion Auctioneer

Man with Blue Sweater

         Dustin Taylor

 5X World Champion Ringman!

  • '02 Team Champion

  • '04 Ringman Champion

  • '05 Team Champion

  • '12 Team Champion

  • '16 Team Champion

             Brett Rigby

  • Music / Voice Talent / Actor

  • Singer / Song Writer

  • Professional Announcer / Emcee

  • Accomplished Ringman


Keith Babb


  • NAA Hall of Fame


          Shannon Mays


  • IAC Champion Auctioneer

  • Nationally Recognized Benefit Auctioneer

  • Professional Ringman


          Tammy Tisland 

  • '15 IAC Champion Auctioneer

  • '15 MN State Champion Auctioneer

  • '14 PRI Graduate

  • Winner of Multiple National & State Marketing Awards

  • Championship Auctioneer Judge

  • CAI & AARE 

Contact Info:  615.962.3718  Brian@ProRingmen.com
4305 Veterans Pkwy - Murfreesboro, TN 37128

            Terri Walker

  • '02 Tennessee Grand Champion Auctioneer

  • ​'09 International Auctioneer Champion, Women's Division

  • '20 President of the National Auctioneers Association 


  • Professional Ringman